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Double bed room Abbazia di Spineto

Double bed room

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Double suite day room

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Double suite day room

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Double suite day room

For the gourmet, the galley is the ship's greatest asset and it would not be out of place in many of the world's best restaurants. The chef and his galley staff pride themselves on the quality of the meals they serve. One of the great pleasures of the ship's day is the six-course dinner served in the attractively appointed dining saloon, with every senior officer hosting a table.

Both breakfast and lunch may be taken in the dining saloon or, for those who wish, continental breakfast and a buffet lunch are served in the sun lounge.

There is a highly efficient laundry service to do all your washing and ironing but, should you wish to use it, there is also a personal laundrette fully equipped with washing, drying and ironing facilities.

Every cabin also has 24-hour steward service and, should you wish to make a cup of tea in the middle of the night, you are welcome to make use of the facilities in the steward's pantry.

The ship has two very comfortable lounges, both with fine views Each has a bar with waiting staff to attend to passengers' needs the Hotel Services Officer is also happy to make arrangements for private cocktail parties in passengers' cabins.

Abbazia di Spineto