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How to find Abbazia di Spineto

The Tenuta di Spineto is located in Tuscany, in the southernmost part of the province of Siena near Chiusi, between Monte Cetona and the National Park of the Val d'Orcia.
The Abbazia is three miles to Sarteano where there are shops, restaurants and a bank, and a short driving distance to Chiusi, a larger commercial centre and railway station. 

Click on this map of the region for a larger view.

Map of Abbazia di Spineto

The Tenuta di Spinteo is an estate of over 800 hectares (2,500 acres), with 70 km of private roads, ornamented by verdant valleys, a small lake, wooded hills and cultivated fields. 

Map of Tenuta di Spineto

Map of Tenuta di Spineto

Our holiday homes are dotted at secluded points throughout the farm so that the only traffic you are likely to hear is the occasional farm vehicle in the distance or, at some houses, a passing fellow guest.

How to reach Tenuta di Spineto

By car: Autostrada A1, exiting at Chiusi Chianciano, and driving through Sarteano (click here for a map).
By air: airports of Bologna, Pisa, Florence or Rome. We can arrange your transfers for you.
By train: Chiusi railway station and then by taxi (about 20 mins), or minibus upon request.

Abbazia di Spineto

Tenuta di Spineto